Used Gunny Bags Available,Low Price

Used jute Gunny bags available with different storage capacity 50 kg / 90 kg / 100 kg.You can use the bags for packing rice,Paddy,Coffee,Wheat and other products.Submit your requirement below to Get best Quote 

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Storage Capacityavailable 25kg / 50 kg / 90kg / 100 Kg
Is It Reusable ?you can use multiple times
Type100% Jute Bags
Usage/ApplicationPack Bulky Grain Products
Packaging TypeIron Bound Bale Packaging
Weight907 gram / 1020gram / 1134 gram
ConditionUsed Gunny Bags
Material100% Jute
Payment TermsAdvanced Payment
FeatureBiodegradable and Environment friendly
Other details3 blue stripes at the middle.
SewnMouth hemmed, overhead dry sewn
Size112 cm x 68 cm (44″ x 26.5″)  / 122 cm × 71 cm (48″ × 28″) / 96.5 cm × 67 cm (38″ × 26.5″) (50 kg)
UseReady To Pack Rice,Wheat,Sugar,Coffee Bean,Peeper,Cocoa BeanShelled Nuts And Others.
Minimum Order Quantity20,000 Piece
used jute gunny bags
used jute gunny bags
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