Jute Sacking Bags For Packing Bulky Grain Products

Jute sack bag for commodities – Fully recyclable & eco-friendly

Jute gunny bags 50 kg / 100 kg both NEW and USED Bags available – Order Today

Jute sacking bags widely used for packaging heavy grain products.The eco friendly jute sack bags can also be used with hooks.Whether you are running small business or large business, jute sack bags are perfect for carrying your grain products safely.It is highly affordable,safe and nature friendly.

Jute Sack bags that we can supply to you :

We can supply any kind of jute sack bags in bulk quantity.You can always ask for a single sample before going for bulk quantity.We supply only the best quality after quality inspection.You demand and we fulfill

Above Jute Sacking Bag Description :

This jute bag mainly used for packing sugar,coffebean,peppr,shelled nuts,cocoa bean and other bulky grain products.The packaging capacity is 80-90 kg.You can easily srore grain and transport one place to others.

Jute bag specification :

  • Size: 112 cm x 67.5 cm (44″ x 26.5″)
  • Weight: 907 gm (2.00 lbs) each
  • Porter & Shots: 6 x 7
  • Packaging Capacity: 90/100 Kgs. Various commodities
  • Sewn: Mouth hemmed, overhead dry sewn
  • Other details: Three blue stripes at the middle, calendared
  • Packing: Export standard iron bound bale packing. 300 Sacks / Bale

More Information :

  • Usage : For storing goods (Specially grains)
  • Features : Biodegradable,Environment friendly
  • Material : Pure Jute
  • Anti-Microbial : Yes
  • Durability – Long Life
  • Item is fully recyclable
  • Bag Style : Customize

For any query you can reach us via our contact form.Our main focus is to supply the best quality product.We work as a supplier,if you need to import any product from India,we are here for you.You are most welcome – Thank you

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