Refund Policy

We believe transparent refund policy builds strong relationship with clients.You can find here the basic refund policy and terms & condition applied for that.

This refund policy is applicable for domestic transactions in India only.However,we follow international laws and incoterms when an issue raised by international clients.

Each payment made from client side is 100% secure,for this we already have a page regarding how to verify company and make safe transactions.All requested refund issues are taken very carefully and process it as soon as possible.Here in the below section you can find,how we manage and approve refunds.

  1. Purchased Items Damaged : We check twice product quality before final delivery.There is no chance of product damage.But still if you believe that product somehow damaged or not meet with quality standard,you can raise a refund issue.We will surely investigate and if its found true ,we will process refund.
  2. Partial Refund : This refund concept is very clear.If a certain percentage of total product is inferior quality or damaged,we will issue partial refund according to the volume.
  3. Amount Debited Twice : It is very common when bank server fails to fetch transaction data to the main server.In this case just provide us your bank transaction reference id and we will issue full refund within 10 days or less.
  4. When Refund amount is credited ? It depends on what types of refund issue you have raised.We try hard to resolve within 15 days.However,in some cases it may take up to 20 to 30 days.

So,you don’t need to worry for any order that you have placed.Got a problem ? Just contact us

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