Banskathi Rice

BansKathi Rice is used for daily consumption and serves as staple food for rice eaters. The superior in quality rice is free from dust and stones

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Banskathi rice is full of nutritional value and possesses longer shelf life. BansKathi rice comes in different sizes, some are long and slender, some are short and thick, some are like beads, and some may be round.The unique aroma and taste of this rice make these the preferred choices of our clients.


Variety AvailableLong-Grain Rice, Medium Grain Rice
OriginWest Bengal
Packaging Size25 Kg & 50 Kg
TypeBanskathi Rice
ColorWhite, Brown
Packaging Size Available25 Kg, 50 Kg
VarietyLong-Grain Rice, Medium-Grain Rice
Packaging Type AvailablePlastic Bag, PP Bag
Region of OriginWest Bengal
Rice Shape AvailableBold, Slender, Long
TasteRich in Taste
SpecialtyGood For Health
Minimum Order QuantityNegotiable


High Quality
High Nutritive value
Rich in Taste
Multiple Health Benefits
Retain Freshness
Enriched with aroma
Naturally grown
Disease free
Prolonged shelf life
Affordable Price

Health Benefits : 

  • Helps in providing energy
  • Helps to prevent obesity
  • Helps in controlling blood pressure
  • Helps in preventing cancer
  • Provides skin care
  • Diuretic & Digestive Qualities
  • Helps in improving metabolism
  • Helps to boost cardiovascular health
  • Helps to relieve the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Helps to prevent chronic constipation
  • Prevents Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Helps to regulate body temperature

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